Saturday, August 8, 2009

Can't talk, I'm in a meeting..., 24 x 12

Well, of course you a meeting, I mean. Truth be told, this lovely young woman is a friend's daughter who is braver than most when it comes to mixing i-phones and water. I continue my study of water, shadows, and the figure, but my favorite (and most challenging) part of this painting was the tangle of 'pool sweep' hose. My goal was to render the tangle of hose as it weaves and bobs thru the water, under the water, on top of the water...I take a good bit of liberty with color...anyone who has observed these pool sweeps knows that the hose is white, but I felt the dabs of color added more interest and united the painting...I suppose if our eye could actually separate the refraction of the light spectrum, then we would see all these individual little bits of color, so they are there, and I might as well paint them, yes?


  1. I love the composition...the way the young lady is floating off the canvas. The colors are very cool and interesting. The pool sweep hose is placed on the canvas perfectly...looped and looped, floating and roaming on top of the cool blue pool. Great painting...(and I am not saying that just because the sun worshipper is my daughter!)

  2. I love the colors in the pool sweep hose and the way colors glint in the water. It is adding to the interest that your subject goes off the canvas. Good job, Sharon.