Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Portraits in Progress by Carol Morgan

Although we all enjoy our studio time at Studio Art and Soul, there are alot of things that go on behind the scene. For example, today Carol was painting a self-portait. She was thinking she might change this or that. (That would be the painting sitting on the easel.) She took a break and was looking at the portait of Kay. (That would be me, in the red top -- blue background painting.) I was talking about canvas size, and all of the sudden, somehow I knocked the very wet painting off the ledge, and the blue background was smudged all over my eyes, face, hair of the painting. I was so mad at myself, but Carol remained cool and calm and started taking the very very blue paint off with a Q-Tip. She worked and worked on me (the painting) and got it looking great. I decided I needed to go home after that incident!!!!

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