Saturday, July 25, 2009

Candyland by Grant Schirpik

My latest 2 paintings in a planned series of six candy-related paintings. These paintings are 40"x30" in size. As a graphic designer by profession and a kid at heart, it's obvious why I'm drawn to this subject matter. I love the bright colors, and the nostalgia associated with these two brands. Plus, package design has always been of interest to me. When I see these candies I'm reminded of going to the movies as a child and the whole sensory overload of the visuals, sounds and the chewy stuff in my mouth that I would spend the rest of the day trying to pick from my teeth. Candy makes people happy and I want my paintings to have that same affect, and to remind the viewer of those times in the theater at some animated Disney cartoon or some great classic from the past when worries were few and a new adventure could be found at the next matinee


  1. Grant, I admire you so much! Your paintings are phenomenal, as are you. Your talent for capturing "the memory" is right on. I can just feel the time when I was 12 years old, the smell of popcorn, the taste of the candy, the sound of the laughter. Thanks for the memories!

  2. You are onto something here...these paintings touch a memory nerve in everyone, I bet. They are beautifully executed, and the saturated colorations are fab!

  3. Thanks for the memories! These are so wonderful! The colors pop and I can almost feel the fuzzy part on the Dots box where it was opened! Can't wait to see the Life Savers posted. What a series!