Friday, September 11, 2009

More Candy by Grant Schirpik

My latest paintings in my candy series, and perhaps my last. I had planned on six, but I'm getting antsy to move on to another subject matter. The only thing that stops me is the Animal Crackers. They do look fun and I'm trying to figure out a way to be a little more creative with them, so that does inspire me to do one more (if you consider those to be candy). These 2 paintings, along with the Dots candy painting are going to be vying for attention on Sat. evening at a benefit auction. I gave the Dubble Bubble painting to them, but they will be collecting a commission for the other 2 paintings. I requested they hang the Good n Plenty painting, but they said they didn't have the room, so that's a bummer. I hate doing these things, comparing myself to the other artist. I felt like I was dropping off coloring book art to a museum and if felt embarrassing. Why are we our own worst critics, and why do we always compare ourselves to others? How can I compare myself to an abstract artist, yet I do! I'm going to go vomit, and that was just in response to dropping off the paintings. I can't wait for the actual show. Maybe I'll just stand right next to my art and listen to the comments. That sounds like a great plan... not! I'd rather vomit. At least I'll loose weight in the process. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I returned from the show, and I am pleased to announce that the Dubble Bubble I donated to this worthy cause received 2 bids and did sell, saving my face. It was an interesting night. I heard some good buzz, which was good for my ego.  I joked about standing next to my paintings to hear critiques, and I actually found myself overhearing a precious older woman dissecting my paintings. She started with a positive which is always the kind thing to do, saying the painting of the gum was very realistic, but.... and I could not hear the rest of the sentence. Then she went on to comment on the other 2 candy paintings, but every time she said something significant, her voice dropped too low for me to overhear. You know what? It was actually liberating, because no matter what she said, it really didn't matter. A)Because I can't please everyone, and B) she was talking about them! At least it struck a cord. Anyway, the others didn't sell, but I don't think any of the painting that were not on the silent auction sold.  I really don't think there was any other painting that would be in the category of realism. It was mostly abstracts, or contemporary art. Also, my friend overheard someone discussing my Dubble Bubble painting and they were unsure as to why I misspelled the word Double. Had I done this intentionally, or had I just made a terrible mistake. I had to laugh at that!

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  1. What a "goof ball" you are! You'd better hold your head high and be proud of EVERY brushstroke! They are ALL fabulous and what's more - they would look "FABULOUS" in an antique setting as well as an Ultra Modern! If you really listen to all the comments we will have to knock a hole in the wall to let your BIG HEAD into the studio! You are a MASTER painter! JUST GET USED TO IT!!!!!